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Impatient Virgin Donald Henderson Clarke

Impatient Virgin

Donald Henderson Clarke

Published 1931
313 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Because Ruth Robbins was dazzlingly blonde and splendidly put together, the small New England town where she was born and raised thought her fast. It was even rumored that she believed in free love. And everyone from the handsome Myron, the deacons son to Mr. Hasbrouk, the president of the bank, tried to make love to her.Ruths one real friend was her Uncle Ben. He taught her that whenever her instincts told her she was right, she was right. If you would like to get drunk or have a palace to live in, recognize the desire in yourself-- dont treat those urges merely as thoughts the devil has put in your mind, he advised her. But Uncle Ben didnt live to see Ruth put her advice into practice. he died soon after she left college. Three days later Ruth started for the big city ...