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Becoming Little #1 Alotta Dixon

Becoming Little #1

Alotta Dixon

Kindle Edition
16 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I couldnt stop imagining him fucking me, punishing me for always being late... Little did I know, he had the same thing in mind, only more intense than I ever imagined.Jessica is late for work again, and her handsome boss Trent has had enough. When Jess realizes there is a ton of sexual tension between the two of them, she cant help but finger fuck herself senseless at home. At work the next day, Trent decides that Jessica needs discipline and becomes her new daddy!Warning This 4,000 word short story contains explicit scenes of ageplay, domination, masturbation, mild choking, and all sorts of steamy sex. This story is for adults only!Keep an eye out for the next adventure with Trent and Jessica in Becoming Little #2!