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Book of Ideas Nathan Coppedge

Book of Ideas

Nathan Coppedge

Kindle Edition
14 pages
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 About the Book 

The approach used in this guide is a more fluid version of advanced techniques I used to invent the paroxysm or double-paradox, categorical deduction technique, aperrature or mobile building concept, and other similar simple yet brilliant principles…Keep in mind that the way this guide is designed, big ideas can be very small footnotes buried in individual one-line descriptions…This guide is designed for discovering new sources of insight when the proverbial wells run dry. Whether someone needs prophetic advice, a new innovative idea, or some help with brainstorming, this book is not a planner, but rather a do-it-yourself sourcebook. Although the entries are repetitive, there is genius at work. The twenty categories cover themes which range from existentia, to conditionalities, to definitionalities. The themes are designed to overlap only by creating new categories, thus serving as a kind of ‘genius guide to genius.’