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Babica barabica David Walliams

Babica barabica

David Walliams

Published 2014
255 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book is about a boy called Ben who thinks his granny is really boring! Little did he know…she was a jewel thief!!! Ben’s Granny is addicted to cabbage soup and she eats it everywhere she goes. Ben and granny go on a jewel quest, to steal the crown jewels…they had to find a mode of transport to get there, and the only options were to go on granny’s mobility scooter down the motorway, and swim down the river Thames to a secret opening to the Tower of London…this book is full of funny moments as well as sad. Children are familiar with the setting (London) and really respond well to having a boring Granny turned jewel thief!!!