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Echos Voice Sarah Mankowski

Echos Voice

Sarah Mankowski

Published July 1st 2000
ISBN : 9780595098439
408 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In a world where a single corporation controls news and entertainment, communication becomes a dangerous adventure in Echos Voice.I want to tell you about The Isle, Echo began, as they walked beneath the big trees. If you follow through with this insanity, youll become property of LTK, soon enough. You may know something about LTK. It was already an impressive conglomerate when Sherry Mason lived. And during these four hundred years, while you were evolving, their control of news and entertainment has been absolute. A 12-person executive board manages LTK. These individuals are quite old, although cosmetic surgeries, artificial organs and biochip-enhanced brains keep their appearance youthful, their minds alert. I despise their never-ending obsession with pleasure and the constant scheming. I detest them!Leftys mechanical hand patted her shoulder.Their technologies specialist, Jessica Tarlton, is considered the greatest living expert on automation. She is also fond of chess. She thinks in chess moves, in probabilities. Shell be the one to thwart your efforts.Again, Lefty patted her shoulder.Fine. If youre so sure this is what you want—if youre so certain you know what youre doing—fine! But do remember that I warned you.Author Biography: Born and raised in central Florida, Sarah Mankowski would never want to live anywhere else. When not writing or spending time with her husband and son, Sarah enjoys gardening and rummaging through used bookstores.